HTRG742 - Refrigerated table

HTRG742 - Refrigerated table

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    Inside and outside made of Stainless Steel, except for the external bottom made of Galvanized Steel. Internal rounded corners. Insulation in CFC free polyurethane high pressure injected. Insulation thickness 40 mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic gaskets. Refrigerated tables available only in TN version. Electronic front control panel with NTC probe. Ventilated cooling. Tropicalized and extractable “monoblock type” condensing unit (ambient temperature +43°C and relative humidity of 65%) with gas R404A/R507. Completely automatic condense water evaporation. Adjustable Stainless Steel feet (110/190 H mm). Standard set up: N 1/1 Rilsan grid and 2 Stainless steel “L” runners for each door.

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