HTRE722 - Refrigerated table for bakery

HTRE722 - Refrigerated table for bakery

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Materials and technologies

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    • The compressors use R290 gases (GWP equal to 3) which leads considerable energy saving;

    • Hot-gas defrosting, not heating element, grants for energy saving and defrosting is carried out faster;

    • Ventilation with total canalization, the guides are folded and safe for hands;

    • The material used is all Aisi 304 both inside and outside, except the ceiling, back and outs that are in Aisi 430;

    • The insulation is made with HFO polyurethane which has a GWP level equal to 0, respecting the environment and the strict future rules of the coming years;

    • Upper part directly foamed with main body

    • The work table, if present, is veneered with 20 mm melamine bonded with materials that can withstand temperatures exceeding 100°C;

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