PC3 - Mussels cleaner

PC3 - Mussels cleaner

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• Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel

• Mechanical timer

• Belt driven motor

• Perfored basket and rotory plate steel. Easy to remove for cleaning

• Front unloading protected by safety guard that conveys product downwards

• Transparent plexiglass lid to check the working process

• Sensor that detects the opening of the lid

• Electrical parts in box with IP56 protection rating 

• N.V.R. low voltage controls (24V)

• The machine complies with standards in terms of hygiene and safety


• Remote wall-mounted controls

• Water inlet solenoid valve

• Filter

• Special voltages, 60 Hz

2 years warranty

Two-year warranty on all models

Guaranteed quality

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    Automatic machines for washing and cleaning mussels; they remove the algae and inctrustations with great results, considerable labour-saving and a minium waste of product. Disc and stainless steel basket are easy to remove for cleaning. For fish-mongers, catering, restaurants, Community, hyper and supermarkets...

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