COMBINATA - Food processor

COMBINATA - Food processor

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    Vegetable preparation part: indispensable in every kitchen, designed to cut, slice, cube, to make sticks, to shred, to mince or to grind a big product selection as: greens, fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, chocolate, dried fruit etc.

    Cutter part: characterized by the maximal simplicity in use, it is able to do all the necessary duties in kitchen: homogenizing, crumbling, kneading, cutting and mincing. The respect of all the most severe laws on security is granted by 24 Volt low-tension controls, a mechanical brake lining, which is activated by the releasing lever of the bowl lid and a safety micro-switch on the lid. The lid is made of polycarbonate for food use. For the uses consult the product data of the vegetable preparation machine cuoco jet e and of the cutter ROBOT.

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