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New Greta TS 50

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    Greta is the new dough mixer equipped with inverter
    The user can choose the pace at any moment, ranging at his choice from 71

    rpm up to 257 rpm of the hook, Greta is capable of reaching 25% higher pace than a traditional dough mixer in second speed and 30% lower than a traditional dough mixer in first speed.

    Thanks to such a wide rotation range, Greta will be able to optimize the end result of both very hydrated dough and very oxygenated one, obtaining the perfect dough both for a baker and a pizza baker.
    Attention please! The inverter used in Greta has been specifically engineered on the performance of the motors

    of our dough mixers, this translates into a saving in energy verified with lab tests between 25 and 30% depending on the model confronted to a traditional dough mixer.