70BT - Refrigerated cabinets

70BT - Refrigerated cabinets

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    The line of Refregerated Cabinets for Gastronomy has undergone a renovation in style and functionality: - Monocoque with 60/75 mm insulation with HFO polyurethane foam, which has a GWP level 0 - The material used is all Aisi 304 both inside and outside, except the ceiling, back and outs that are in Aisi 430; - Monobloc units, use R290 gas (GWP equal to 3) which implies considerable energy saving; - Defrosting with a warm gas allows energy saving and defrosting is carried out in a faster time. - Partially ducted ventilation for proper circulation o air inside the cell; - The guides are folded and safe for hands, removable racks - the mechanically operated microswitch shuts the fan once the door is open and does not require to be moved if the opening direction is changed. - The door is reversible, it is enough to assemble the lower hinge on the opposite side; - The interior design is wedged and can easily be removed to provide maximum convenience when cleaning - The discharge opening in the vertical cabinets is protected by a channel, ensuring that the cold air coming out is not impeded by products or ice formations.

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